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Loves Attention

Loves Attention

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Timonwa Akintokun
·Oct 23, 2022·

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I wanna forget you, please leave me alone.
I try to reach you but you don't.
Why’re you playing with my feelings,
I thought you love me guess you don't.
What I did to deserve this I don't know.
Is it so wrong to be loved by you and you being there for me?
But you don't care and it's so sad.

They were right after all and you were wrong.
You said you don't play with love but you do.
You turn my smile upside down and make mе сrу.
Your love seems like a punishment to me.

When you told me “fuck I love you”
You can't imagine how true I wish it to be.
I think of you each day of what we could be.
But what good is imagination when reality hurts more than it should?

I just wanna be in your arms, just wanna hold you tight.
I just want you to hold and kiss me, take my hand and never let go.
That's all I want and wish.
That's all I want, You.

Your love brings joy to my life and tears to my eyes.
I cry and smile when I think of you.
You are like a scale in my aching heart,
Swaying continuously with your winds of attitude.
Your love to me is like words and opposite
And it's so confusing to read you.
You make it so hard for me to see you.
That's how I feel about you.

But you are also my inspiration,
My inspiration for heartache.
My most thoughts are sad memories of you.
Why is love hard to understand, true love hard to find?


Delve into the depths of heartbreak and unrequited love with 'Loves Attention.' This poignant poem captures the raw emotions of feeling neglected, betrayed, and confused in a one-sided relationship. Through heartfelt verses, the poet expresses the pain of unreciprocated love and the longing for genuine affection. Discover the bittersweet complexity of love, where joy and tears intertwine, and find solace in the universal quest for understanding true love amidst its challenges. Join the poet's journey of self-reflection and introspection, as they explore the tangled emotions of love's attention.