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Love’s Lullaby

Love’s Lullaby

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Timonwa Akintokun
·Feb 18, 2022·

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Love is wicked and sometimes good.
It’s good to fall in-love,
But it’s also bad to do so.

Love can be a burning sensation
To the heart.
And also a blazing madness
To the soul.

If you try to fall in-love
Think wisely,
Cos you just might fall
In-love with the wrong person.

Oh love,
You are sometimes heartless
And sometimes cruel.
Sometimes I wish
I had never fallen in-love.
You ask me why,
I’ll tell you why.

It makes you feel abnormal for one week,
Crazy the next,
And then madness follows.
After that you see the person
Walking away and you say
Oh! She isn’t worth loving
Ah! He isn’t worth a try.