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Pels Diary


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Timonwa Akintokun
·Aug 22, 2022·

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This feeling, this feeling I’m having.
Is it love or lust?
Is it a fling, just another crush?
Is it just like the rest I thought I loved
But later turned out lost?

What if it’s like the others?
What if I don’t love him?
What if this feeling is untrue?
And what if I’m lying to myself?

But I can’t.
If I don’t take this chance how will I know?

I think of him every day.
I talk to him each day.
Miss him when I don’t.
Is this real or just another crush?

Just like the others, I thought I liked,
And missed and loved, then unloved and forgotten.

God, please help.
So much love I can’t give back.
So much care and so much trust.
So much love,
Just so much.