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The Guy in my Dream

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The Guy in my Dream

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Timonwa Akintokun
·Sep 22, 2022·

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When I close my eyes
and sleep takes me away,
I dream of you
holding me in your arms.
Kissing and protecting me,
from dangers seen and unseen.

Even though I have never met you
except in this mу dream,
It feels like I have always known you,
all my life it seems.

And when I'm wide awake,
I think of you each day.
Of all the kisses we shared together
right there in my dream.

I try to drift to sleep,
hoping we meet again.
To see your face just one more time
Oh! that would be so so great.

I will think of you each day,
You are the one I will never forget.
I will think of you just as the guy
The guy who made my Dream.


"When I close my eyes, and sleep takes me away, I dream of you." This heartfelt poem tells the story of a dream about a mysterious guy who brings hope and happiness into the poet's life. Even though they have never met in reality, the dream feels familiar, as if they have always known each other. The poet is filled with longing to see him again and thinks of him each day, even when awake. The dream has given the poet hope, dispelling doubts about finding true love and a happy future. The poem captures the emotions of anticipation, longing, and the belief in the possibility of meeting someone special who can make dreams come true.