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The Guy in my Dream

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The Guy in my Dream

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Timonwa Akintokun
·Sep 22, 2022·

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When I close my eyes
and sleep takes me away,
I dream of you
holding me in your arms.
Kissing and protecting me,
from dangers seen and unseen.

Even though I have never met you
except in this mу dream,
It feels like I have always known you,
all my life it seems.

And when I'm wide awake,
I think of you each day.
Of all the kisses we shared together
right there in my dream.

I try to drift to sleep,
hoping we meet again.
To see your face just one more time
Oh! that would be so so great.

I will think of you each day,
You are the one I will never forget.
I will think of you just as the guy
The guy who made my Dream.