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Words and Opposite

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Words and Opposite

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Timonwa Akintokun
·Aug 17, 2022·

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Go and tell love to sleep,
She is not wanted.

Tell care to go away,
She is not needed.

Tell hope not to come,
For I have lost hope in her.

To peace,
It shouldn’t come back.
For when she was needed most
She disappeared.

But for hatred.
Let her come.
Let her come and replace love.
Let her come and wipe away,
All the tears that love have made.

And for war.
She should come.
She should come and replace peace.
She should come and give to me,
The most things that peace couldn’t give.

I have no one to hope for.
I have no one to care for.
Hope and care are useless now
For none is here to use upon.


The poem titled "Words and Opposite" conveys the author's disillusionment and disappointment with love, care, hope, and peace. The author expresses a sense of loss of faith in these concepts, feeling like they have been abandoned or have failed them. The poem reflects the author's emotional state of being tired and lost, contemplating a switch to the opposite side in search of a different outcome. The author desires for love, care, and hope to leave, as they feel like these concepts have turned their back on them. The poem explores the author's contemplation of embracing alternative concepts, such as hatred and war, as they feel disillusioned with traditional ideals of love, care, hope, and peace. The title "Words and Opposite" symbolizes the author's internal conflict as they grapple with disillusionment and a desire for change in their perceptions of these concepts.